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February 16, 1936 Departure of sisters from Schaan Province for Altamira, Xingù, Brazil


Sr Bridget Pulickakunnel
Sr Bridgit Pulikakunnel
Sr Gelsomina Pacifico
Sr Grazia Dalessandro
Sr Helena Radman
Sr Rosa Esposito
Sr Vinnarasi.J


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Breaking news

  • Tante mani...un unico grande cuore per il Villaggio della Speranza - 25 Gennaio 2020
    Tante mani...un unico grande cuore per il Villaggio della Speranza - 25 Gennaio 2020 Il 25 gennaio 2020, a Roma, più di 150 volontari ed amici del Villaggio della Speranza, insieme alle suore Adoratrici del Sangue di Cristo e i Missionari del Preziosissimo Sangue si sono radunati per testimoniare e condividere insieme la grazia del Signore manifestata attraverso questa grande opera di amore.Il Villaggio della Speranza è un’opera socio-assistenziale che dal 2002 opera a Dodoma in Tanzania a favore di molti bambini orfani sieropositivi, donne in gravidanza e adulti affetti dal virus HIV. Nato…
    Written on Monday, 27 January 2020 10:01 in News
  • Festa Santa Maria De Mattias
    Festa Santa Maria De Mattias The liturgical remembrance of the birth of Saint Maria De Mattias and the anniversary of the Foundation of our Institute are two celebrations at the beginning of each year that allow us to relish again the richness of our charismatic identity. They bring us together once more around her who, in an admirable way, helps us to grow as one, offering herself again with the freshness and newness of her life lived as a sign of prophecy.Celebrating Maria De Mattias’…
    Written on Thursday, 23 January 2020 10:17 in News
  • Christmas in Albania
    Christmas in Albania Sr. Nadia Coppa, General Superior, on December 25, Christmas Day, went to Albania where, since 1991, two ASC communities are living and working in Durres and Mamurras.After that night of anguish of November 26, where an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 destroyed the city of Durres and Thumana, the situation seems to have improved, but remains critical. According to official statistics, 50 people lost their lives, including 6 children and 22 women, two thousand are injured and about 900 buildings in…
    Written on Monday, 30 December 2019 10:15 in News
  • December 25th Christmas 2019- A Lunch with the Poor of the Neighborhood
    Thanks to the initiative of the S. Egidio community and the passionate collaboration of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in the generalate, the church was transformed into a wedding hall to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the heavenly bridegroom who chose to become a child to express the Father's Love for humanity.Welcoming our brothers and sisters who are at the margins of our society as guests of honor at a Christmas party was a concrete gesture to express…
    Written on Friday, 27 December 2019 11:11 in News
  • Let us pray for the Albanian people
    Let us pray for the Albanian people In the middle of the night a strong earthquake struck on the northern coast of Albania.The city of Durres is very affected. There are at least deads and hundreds wounded. Numerous damage to buildings. They are running against the clock to recover people trapped under the rubble. The shock was very strong; it was felt even in Italy.We express our closeness and solidarity to our sisters, their families and above all, with the Albanian people deeply wounded by this disaster.Let…
    Written on Thursday, 28 November 2019 10:36 in News
  • ASC Manaus, Brazil
    ASC Manaus, Brazil November 25th is ended the XVII Regional Elective Assembly, held from November 21 to 25. During this time of careful listening and study, in the light of the reflections and suggestions that emerged during the meetings of the sisters in their nuclei, the assembly delegates elected: - Sr. Allessandra Soares Pereira - Regional Superior - Sr. Suely Garcia dos Anjos - Regional Councilor - Sr. Ana Jerusa de Castro Feitosa - Regional Councilor - Sr. Analice Pereira Vieira - Regional…
    Written on Thursday, 28 November 2019 10:31 in News
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