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Sr Adelfe Augusta Cristofano
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general administration title
General Administration
Overall leadership of our congregation is entrusted to the general superior assisted by four general councilors.  They are elected by the general assembly for a term of six years. 
The superior and council are assisted by a general secretary and treasurer, selected by the assembly from nominations made by the general superior with the consent of the council.  These seven sisters form the general administration of our congregation.
As a group, they are to witness to loving community, to collaboration in ministry and to unity within the diversity of our international congregation. (Statutes n. 63)
The general superior has the highest authority within our congregation in order to promote the vitality of apostolic life of all provinces, local communities and sisters. With prophetic vision she guides our congregation toward the future and serves as our center of unity.  She is president of the general council, of the general assembly and of the inter-assembly congress.  She serves as official liaison with the Apostolic See and represents our congregation to Church and civic communities, and in international organizations, especially those for religious women. (Statutes  n. 64)

General superior Photo

 Sr. Maria Hughes, ASC

 amministrazione generale 2021

From left: Sr. Monica Rini, Treasurer - Sr. Wiesława Przybyło, Counsilor
Sr. Maria Hughes, General Superior - Sr. Patrizia Pasquini, Counsilor
Sr. Barbara Perali, Secretary - Sr. Danijela Anić, Counsilor - Sr. Florida Malenda, Counsilor
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