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October, 1968 Beginning of the mission in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, by the province of Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.
October 1, 1950 - Beatification Maria De Mattias


Sr Delfina Gnerre
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titolo la nostra storia EN
The alarming picture of the post-Napoleonic period could not leave the young Roman priest, Gaspar Del Bufalo (1786-1837), indifferent. In his contemplation of God’s love for humanity expressed in Jesus’ bloody sacrifice, Gaspar understood the priceless value of each human person redeemed by His Precious Blood and sees in the power of this Blood the only anchor of salvation from many evils.  Finding himself a prisoner in Bologna, he plans two Institutes to this end, one a men’s institute and the other a women’s.  Both were to contribute to the reform of society, the first through popular missions and the second through effective Christian and devotional education, working with all their might that this blood not be shed in vain but that each person take advantage of it for his or her salvation.

march 4 1834
The women’s Institute begins in Acuto (FR) in the diocese of Anagni, through the work of Maria De Mattias who opened a school for the girls of the people. Later she gathers young people and married women, gives retreats, animates liturgies, promotes women who will be able to reform their families, the first cell of society.  In a short time, other companions join her, and open schools in the small towns of the Pontifical State and the Kingdom of Naples. She wrote, “The purpose of this Institute is the same as that of the Blood of Christ.”

may 30 1855
His holiness Pius IX grants the “decree of praise” after having learned of the Institute from the testimonial letters of the Bishops in whose dioceses the Adorers zealously dedicated themselves to the Christian and civic education of the poor girls.

January 1857
Printing of the first Rule of the Adorers

october 17 1860
The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Precious Blood, founded in Steinerberg (Switzerland) and transferred to Gurtweil (Germany), join the Institute of the Adorers of Acuto, adopting its Rule and habit.

august 20 1866
Maria De Mattias dies in Rome of tuberculosis at the age of 61. At that time, there were more than 200 Sisters in the Institute. Sixty-four schools had been opened, one of which was in London (1863 -1879).

february 28 1870
The first group of German-speaking Sisters go to the USA following the kulturkampf in Germany and accept a school for children of German immigrants in Piopolis, Illinois

January 28 1878
The Adorers of the Most Precious Blood are recognized as a pontifical Institute.

october 7 1879
Another group of German Sisters goes to Banjaluka in Bosnia to open orphanages and schools.
april 7 1897
Pope Leo XII definitively approves the Constitutions.

may 31 1929
The Congregation is divided into religious provinces.

february 26 1934
The Congregation of Religious approves the Constitutions revised on the basis of the Code of Canon Law.

october 1 1950 date
immagine storia 1 ottobre 1950
Pope Pius XII beatifies Maria De Mattias, the Foundress of the Institute.

march 23 1964
The Sisters Perpetual Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Orvieto (TR) of the St. Paul Institute join the Adorers of the Most Precious Blood on their own accord.

June 14 august 30 1968
A special General Chapter was held for the revision of the Constitution required by Vatican Council II. This chapter is prepared by an international commission, which involved all the Sisters of the Congregation. The principles emphasized by the Council in religious life were applied. “Return to our sources” was facilitated by the coinciding of the centennial of the death of the Foundress and discovery of many documents from the beginnings of the Institute in the Anagni diocesan archives.

september 14 1968
The title of the Institute is changed from Sisters of the Most Precious Blood (Ad.PP.S.) to Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC).

150th anniversary of foundation.
foto storia 150 di Fondazione
This celebration, preceded by three years of preparation with in-depth study of the themes of adoration-mission, contributes to the development of the charism of the Congregation and the spirituality of the Precious Blood

Pentecost 1992
efinitive approval of the Constitution by the Congregation for Religious, after a twelve-year experimentation and an updated revision with the involvement of all the members of the Congregation

October 1992
Five Adorers of the Blood of Christ from the USA, missionaries in Liberia (Africa), are killed during the civil war. The Pope called them “Martyrs of charity.”

e three American provinces joined in a single United States Region. The headquarters of the US ASC administration is in St. Louis-Missouri

he four Italian provinces also made the same choice by merging into a single Italian Region. The seat of the regional administration is the house of S. Giovanni in Laterano, in Rome

ASC Missionarie EN titolo
In response to the calls of the Church, the Institute was open to missions abroad:

July 251933
foto 25 agosto 1933
The Adorers of the Ruma, Illinois Province (USA) leave for Shntung, CHINA.  They work there for 13 years, two of which were in a concentration camp because of WWII. They return home safe and sound on January 31, 1946.

February 16 1936
The Adorers of the Schaan Province (Liechtenstein) leave for Altamira, Xingù (BRAZIL), assisted by the Adorers of the Wichita, Kansas Province (USA) in 1947. Currently it is a flourishing province of Brazilian Adorers with their central headquarters in Manaus, Amazonia.

September 2 1940
The Adorers of the Cagli Province (PS), today Florence, leave for Lushnia, ALBANIA. Following WWII, after many vicissitudes they return home on March 12, 1946. In 1991, the Adorers of the Bari Province return to that land and are still working there for the promotion of local youth.

August 13 1954
The Adorers of the Province of Rome leave for the BELGIAN CONGO. The mission develops, but after ten years, when the Congo obtains its independence, the Simba begin persecutions, torture and harassment. The Sisters were miraculously saved and return home on Christmas Eve 1964.

June 3 1961
foto storia Puertorico
The Adorers of the Ruma, Illinois (USA) Province leave for PUERTO RICO. Assisted by lay people they open a school in Rio Piedras, animate the liturgy, prepare people for the sacraments and promote the local youth.

December 11 1963
dicembre 1963
The Adorers of the Province of Zagreb leave for AUSTRALIA, with the purpose of assisting Croatian co-nationals who had emigrated in grand numbers after the shambles of WWII.

November 17 1965
foto storia Argentina
The Adorers of the Province of Bari leave for ARGENTINA. They settle in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Villa Bosche where there are many Italian immigrants. Currently there are eight sisters. They work in 3 communities in the educational field and providing physical and spiritual assistance to the poor of the favelas.

october 1968
The Adorers of the Wichita, Kansas (USA) Province open a mission in Santiago Atitlan, GUATEMALA. For political reasons this mission is closed. The ASCs establish themselves in GUATAMALA CITY.
november 22 1969
foto storia Tanzania
The Adorers of the Province of Acuto (FR) open a mission in Manyoni, TANZANIA. The community is growing quickly with indigenous Adorers. They are working in 5 locales.

may 13 1970
The first five girls from Kerala, INDIA, arrive in Italy for their formation with the aim of returning home as soon as possible. The Province of Florence is responsible for them. In 1978 they return to India.  They work in schools and for the promotion of women and in healthcare.

January 2 1971
foto storia Liberia
The Adorers of the Province of Ruma, Illinois begin a mission in Grad Cess, LIBERIA. The mission develops until the political situation becomes critical. The Sisters were called back to the USA. They return in 1991, and in October 1992, 5 ASCs are killed during the civil war.

january 6 1973
foto storia Bolivia
The Adorers of the Province of Ruma, Illinois open a mission in La Paz, BOLIVIA, dedicating themselves to pastoral ministry, especially with the Aymara Indians. Later the Spanish Adorers form a community in Tarija, Bolivia, and accept the “Moises Navajas” orphanage. Young Bolivians are increasing the community. At the present time the Bolivia Foundation is part of US Region.

september 15 1977
foto storia Corea
The Adorers of Wichita, Kansas (USA) open a mission in SOUTH KOREA. Currently two communities of indigenous Sisters minister there. At the moment the Korean foundation has taken on the formation of young Vietnamese ASC candidates.

november 12 1980
foto storia Guinea Bissau
The Adorers of the Province of Rome open a mission in GUINEA BISSAU, Africa. Three communities minister there, enriched by indigenous Sisters.

march 4 1991
he sisters of Bari province started the Foundation in the Philippines. Today the Foundation is composed of 8 adorers of whom 7 are Filipina nuns of perpetual vows. They work in three apostolic communities: Quezon City, Marikina and Maasin (Leyte).

January 20 1992
The Adorers of the Province of Wrocław, Poland, open a mission in the UKRAINE.

September 18 1992
The Adorers of the Province of Wroclaw (Poland) open in Russia - SIBERIA, originally in the City of Krasnoyarsk and then they move 120 Km to West in Aczynsk. The missionary sisters are ministering to the  human and spiritual formation of women and children.

June 13 1994
The Adorers of  Schaan (Liechtenstein) Region open a community in Russia - SIBERIA in Slavgorod City but was closed in 2015.

June 3 1999
The Adorers of Poland open the mission to Dokshycy in Belarus

October 1 2003
India became a delegation and in 2005 Region. Today it has 81 members divided into 15 communities, 2 of them are in Italy.

January 22 2006
The Manaus region opens the ASC community in Lima, Perù.

March 4 2011
Tanzania becomes a region: today it has 83 local members divided into 9 apostolic communities, one in Cesena (Italy) and a missionary community in Mozambique (Mafuiane).

March 4 2018
Two Adorers return to Liberia 25 years after the death of the five charity martyrs in that country.

Currently the Congregation has 1,137 members: 1,092 perpetually professed and 45 with temporary vows.

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