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The International Center for Spirituality (CIS), in light of the General Assembly Acts 2017, continues to be a resource for our Congregation, supporting the promotion and deepening of our spirituality in today’s context.  It provides a “centralized source” to facilitate elaboration and sharing of resources and offers means for the diverse expression and inculturation of our charism in daily living according to the varied needs found in the different realities of our Congregation.

CIS serves to encourage us on the journey that helps us to incarnate our spirituality in the lived experience, wherever the Blood of Christ cries out and touches our world, impelling us towards “that beautiful order of things, that the great Son of God came to establish in His Blood.”

Objectives and Responsibilities
The principal objectives and responsibilities of the CIS are:
1.         Promotes implementation of the calls of the General Assembly Acts.
2.         Identifies in each reality means for a lived experience of our charism and the spirituality of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.
3.         Deepens the understanding of the Congregational documents that leads to an experience of transformation into “one heart and one soul.”
4.         Collaborates with the General Administration in promoting ongoing formation activities according to the specific needs within the different entities of the Congregation.
5.         Encourages continued personal growth, understanding and love of the Congregation through experiential encounters of the roots and historical places of origin.
6.         Helps to deepen our experience of being part of an international, intercultural Congregation
7.         Increases our commitment to justice, peace and integrity of creation (JPIC) as an integral aspect of ASC spirituality and mission.
8.         Promotes Reconciliation at all levels.
9.         Creates networks to foster connection and mutual support that promotes concrete actions in all of the continental areas of the Congregation, in particular, collaborates with existing Spiritual Centers and initiatives that promote Precious Blood Spirituality.
10.     Provides for communication across the Congregation.
11.     Elaborates documents and materials for the promotion of the history, charism and spirituality of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and to assist in their distribution.
12.     Collaborates with CPPS Missionaries and other members of the Precious Blood Family.
13.     Promotes Precious Blood spirituality among and with lay persons.

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