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Monday, 22 February 2021 10:01

Lent 2021 - Ash Wednesday

We have reached the beginning of Lent: a new opportunity that is given to us to put order in our lives, so often overwhelmed by the things to do, by the daily routine that fills our every space. 
This is the time of spiritual renewal necessary to rediscover our deepest truth, to live our following with intensity and beauty, rethinking our journey of faith and giving back oxygen to the flame of love that dwells in our hearts and that, at times, seems to be extinguished.
Let us feel called to verify our adherence to Christ, to prepare ourselves for the wonder of Easter by recovering our belonging to Him and to humanity redeemed in the Blood of the Lamb.
This Lent we will reflect together, week by week, on fraternity, letting ourselves be encouraged by the Magisterium of Pope Francis who invites us to act together, to revive in everyone "a worldwide aspiration for fraternity" (Fratelli Tutti, 8) in order to dream together (9).
We will deepen the need to rediscover fraternity as a prophecy for this time. It is urgent to create and preserve oases of fraternity everywhere, to weave gospel relationships as a generative response in a world marked by conflict and division, in order to live according to the gratuitousness of love.
The time has come to overcome the many fences we have built, to go beyond all forms of distancing and to live the Gospel beyond context and culture, to witness to the Risen Lord. We need to feel proactive, simple, called to weave evangelical relationships, snatching fraternity from the risk of a predictable expression and opening ourselves to the perspective that remains: that of being converted to a renewed style of action and life.                                                                                    
Let us take small steps of renewal in order to achieve that inner transformation that will resurrect our lives and make our "fraternity a schola amoris, an opportunity for growth and change, a human community, a place of acceptance and the working out of limits.” (The Gift of Fidelity. The Joy of Perseverance, n.59)
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. "Now is the favourable time." (2 Cor 6:2)
We want to reflect on fraternity as a gift sown by the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and the foundation of our choices. In the face of so many forms of intolerance, the globalization of indifference and the manifestations of fear that generate insecurity, we need to rethink fraternity as the reason for a true coexistence that seeks the good of each member in a spirit of reconciliation, integration and acceptance of diversity.
Let us rediscover the desire, as Pope Francis encourages us, for "a fraternity based on real love, capable of meeting the other who is different from me, of sympathizing with his sufferings, of approaching him and taking care of him even if he is different from me. He is my neighbor; in each one I see reflected the face of God.” (Urbi et Orbi Message, 12/25/2020)
We want to ask ourselves at the beginning of this Lent: What concrete step do I want to promote in order to live fraternity in the reality in which the Lord has placed me?
May the Holy Spirit direct our path to a true conversion of heart. Now is the favorable moment.

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