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Monday, 30 December 2019 10:15

Christmas in Albania

Sr. Nadia Coppa, General Superior, on December 25, Christmas Day, went to Albania where, since 1991, two ASC communities are living and working in Durres and Mamurras.
After that night of anguish of November 26, where an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 destroyed the city of Durres and Thumana, the situation seems to have improved, but remains critical. According to official statistics, 50 people lost their lives, including 6 children and 22 women, two thousand are injured and about 900 buildings in Durres and over 1,465 buildings in the capital Tirana have been seriously damaged.

Albania Natale 2019 foto 1

Those people directly affected were accommodated in reception facilities, but many families were placed in tents or in diocesan and religious centers. Durres is becoming a ghost town as it is gradually being emptied.
The Adorers of the Blood of Christ are assisting families whose homes are unusable, hosting some in our community, and offering them help for every need that arises. The situation is very delicate, because of the winter temperatures and frequent rains that make everything more difficult.
Thanks be to God there is solidarity and charity is present daily through many forms of participation of concrete closeness. Sr. Nadia, by her presence, wished to be a visible witness of the interest of the whole ASC family scattered around the world, of solidarity and closeness to our sisters and to the victims of this natural disaster.

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